Dog dragged to her death behind a car, Kavala

On the 19th July in the city of Kavala, Northern Greece, this dog was dragged to her death behind someone's car. One end of electical wire was tied around the dog's hind leg, the other to the tow bar of the car. She was then dragged along the road to her death!!

This barbaric crime was witnessed by a family, including two young children. The father noted the registration number of the car and immediately reported it to the police.

We received information that the first statement made by the family was lost. However, the family made a second statement and police are apparently investigating. The driver of the car has been identified and he is claiming that the dog was already dead when he tied her to the car and that he was disposing of the body!

The driver will be questioned again and we are hoping that he will be charged with animal cruelty.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have further information!

Updated: 8th August 2009

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