The plight of animals in Greece

Mass poisoning of dogs at Sitia Shelter

Blind hunting dog left to die

Skeletal Boxer dog found on Samos

Left to die - malnourished Boxer dog on the island of Crete

Two abused dogs kept in a pit on the island of Crete

Horses' corpse discovered on the island of Lesbos

Stray dog shot dead for entering someone's garden

Priest executes a dog for trespassing on church grounds

Pregnant stray burnt to death while giving birth

Dog shot in the head and thrown down a well on Kos

Mass poisoning at university of Ioannnina

13 kittens left to die after being found taped inside a box

Two puppies battered in hospital grounds

Dogs hanged from a tree in Rhodes

Hit by a car and left to suffer

Horse dragged to it's death

In memory of Lefka

Puppy killed by 90 year old woman

40 dogs poisoned in Salamina

Dog dragged to her death

Cat murderer in Lesvos

Severely injured dog left to suffer

Five dogs hanged in Crete

Dog found almost garrotted with barbed wire

Dog murdered with a shotgun

Puppies poisoned in Kos

Mass poisoning in Ioannina

Three dogs poisoned in Psakoudia

Cat and Dogs poisoned in Kavala

Poisoning of cats in Halkidiki

Five puppies beaten to death

Mass poisoning of strays in Veria

The misery of hunting dogs

A drowned dog - a callous & despicable act of cruelty

Hunting dogs - A poem by Maria Daines

Zoe's brave fight for life




Updated: 29th May 2014

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